Why You Should Gather Eyewitness Testimony at the Scene of an Auto Accident

Why You Should Gather Eyewitness Testimony at the Scene of an Auto Accident, Dothan, Alabama

If you get hurt in an auto accident, you may be able to sue the other motorist for all resulting damages. To file a successful claim, though, you must first prove liability. The strongest evidence of fault will depend on the circumstances of the wreck but will likely include eyewitness testimony. Here’s why gathering such statements at the scene is critical.

3 Reasons to Gather Witness Statements Immediately Following an Auto Accident

1. To Corroborate Your Own Telling of Events

Everyone involved in a wreck has the incentive to spin the story a certain way. Therefore, it’s wise to support your own version of events with statements from impartial third parties. Eyewitnesses don’t need to spin the story one way or another, which means their testimony is usually unbiased and relatively reliable.   Make sure to get the names and contact information of witnesses, as investigating officers do not always record this information.    The other driver’s story frequently changes after they have talked to their insurer, so it is important that you can document what actually happened.

2. To Provide Negotiating Power

auto accidentYour word alone will not contribute to a strong claim. If the opposing party knows you have witness statements detailing precisely what happened, though, they may be more inclined to negotiate for a fair settlement. As long as you have enough evidence to prove fault during a trial, the defendant will likely want to avoid court at all costs.

3. To Ensure Accuracy

Eyewitnesses will be able to provide the most detailed statements immediately following the incident. The more time that passes between when the collision occurred and when you obtain their testimony, the less reliable the information will be. Therefore, this is one task that you should not postpone unless you require emergency medical care.


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