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The federal government administers an assistance program for disabled workers. Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) is a program that pays disability benefits to individuals with sufficient time in the workforce to be eligible.

Located in Dothan, AL, the Social Security disability attorneys at Carey & Hamner, P.C. provide knowledgeable, skilled assistance to individuals who have been denied Social Security benefits.

Applying for SSDI

SSDI provides monthly payments to individuals who meet the strict criteria of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Requirements include recent work history and employment paid into SSA programs. Applying for SSDI is complicated, and many individuals are denied benefits on first application.

Our experienced Social Security attorneys have worked for years assisting clients receiving disability benefits. Understanding the eligibility and appeals process is important. Consider these points:

  • Apply for SSDI as soon as you are disabled. Disability is considered an impairment expected to endure for a year, or already suffered for a year, or one that will result in the death of the applicant. While the SSA indicates an application wait time of two to five months, it is often longer.
  • Qualification for SSDI depends on total disability. Unlike workers compensation programs, SSDI does not compensate for partial disability. Certain disabilities described on the List of Impairments qualify for automatic disability. If your disability is not specified on the list, the SSA will evaluate your impairment.
  • Current earnings have a decisive impact on eligibility for SSDI. Individuals earning more than a certain sum each year are generally not considered disabled. The qualifying amount changes each year.
  • It is important to understand you can appeal denial of benefits within 60 days of receiving the denial letter. There are usually four levels of appeal, and we represent you through each step of the process. Eligible applicants often find satisfaction through the appeals process.

If you have been denied Social Security benefits in Dothan

Our Social Security disability law firm delivers comprehensive support with your Social Security appeal. From reviewing medical, employment and other records, we ensure your effort is correct the first time.

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