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Injury from any type of accident is painful and impacts your life. Injury at work means a set of rules applies to obtaining compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. But too often, benefits for workers compensation are delayed, denied or not available due to employer resistance. If you get the runaround when you need to receive compensation, Carey & Hamner, P.C. is a workers comp law firm that can help.

With 20 years of combined experience handling workers compensation, our Dothan lawyers understand and assist with the rigorous process needed to obtain benefits after injury.

Understanding Alabama workers compensation

The Alabama Workers Compensation Act defines the claims process for workers compensation in this state. Regardless of whether you live in Ozark, Troy, Geneva, Elba or Opp, the same procedures apply

Some points to understand about workers compensation include:

  • Coverage: Most employees in Alabama are covered by workers compensation. Exceptions include businesses with less than five employees, operators engaged in interstate commerce, farm laborers, government employees or casual employees.
  • Notification: Notify your employer or supervisor immediately of any injury you suffer, including minor injury. Failing to notify your employer may result in denial or delay of benefits.
  • Covered injury: Your injury must have occurred at work or in a work setting as directed or expected by your employer.
  • Denial of benefits: Benefits may be denied for employee breach of work regulations, intentional injury, horseplay, intoxication and personal negligence. Always conduct yourself carefully and safely at work.
  • Loss of use and death benefits: For severe injury, reimbursement is paid for partial and total loss of body parts and for death.

Get help with the workers compensation process in Alabama

In Dothan and elsewhere, a workers compensation attorney is not needed to file a claim. But if you are denied benefits, contact our workers comp lawyers for responsive, experienced help.

During the course of treatment, you may be asked to undergo an independent medical exam (IME) by your employer. An IME can be used to reduce or eliminate your workers compensation benefits. Make sure you speak with us before the examination. Consider taking a witness with you and record the examination to protect your rights.

Accidental injury happens each day on the road and on the job. If hurt through the negligence of another in Alabama, we can help.

Trusted workers compensation law firm in Dothan

Located in Dothan, Carey & Hamner, P.C. is dedicated to protecting the rights and achieving compensation for injured clients. If you are hurt on the job in Dothan, Enterprise, Ozark, Troy or anywhere else in Alabama, call 855-435-4797 or contact us with your questions — the consultation is free.