Alabama Fatal Truck Accident Attorneys

Dothan firm litigates cases arising from deadly commercial vehicle crashes

Large trucks that travel on Alabama highways and local streets perform a vital function, but one mistake by a driver could be fatal to someone else on the road. At Carey & Hamner, P.C. in Dothan, we handle wrongful death claims involving fatal commercial vehicle accidents. If you represent the estate of a truck crash victim or lost someone you love in a collision, we will assess the merits of your potential case and press for appropriate payment.

Top causes of fatal truck accidents

In most years, more than 100 people die in truck accidents on Alabama roads. The rate of deadly collisions here exceeds the national average. While many fatal commercial vehicle crashes have the same causes as other truck accidents, there are certain types of incidents that are particularly deadly, including:

  • Crashes where the truck driver was fatigued
  • Jackknifes where a tractor-trailer folds in on itself
  • Collisions involving flammable or hazardous materials
  • Accidents where the driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol

The massive weight and force of a big rig makes it less likely that someone who is struck will survive. When this occurs, we provide effective, compassionate support to Alabama clients.

Fatal truck accident claims can be complex

Any fatal accident claim requires extra attention because the victim cannot testify to what they saw, heard and did. Truck accident cases can be particularly complex for the following reasons:

  • Multiple vehicles might be involved in the collision
  • Physical evidence could be destroyed or burned due to the impact of the crash
  • Identifying hazardous weather or road conditions could be difficult in the aftermath of a collision
  • More than one party could have responsibility for a commercial vehicle’s safe operation

Our Alabama truck accident lawyers have substantial experience helping the families of victims secure the payment they need to meet their financial challenges and move forward.

How is fault determined in a deadly truck accident?

Pinpointing who is at fault in a fatal truck accident can be a complex task. Defendants might try to avoid legal liability by claiming that the victim was at least partly responsible for the crash. Our firm uses information from a truck’s event data recorder, evidence collected at the scene and witness testimony in order to develop a comprehensive account as to what happened. We go beyond the police report and find the information necessary to build a compelling case.  

What is the process to file a claim?

If filing a lawsuit becomes necessary, it must be done within two years of the victim’s death. Depending on the situation, there might be more than one potential defendant so it is wise to get started as quickly as possible, because there might be multiple insurance companies involved in the defense. In Alabama, the personal representative for the estate of the accident victim must be the plaintiff, and damages are awarded to punish the individuals and businesses for their acts and omissions that led to the victim’s death.

Settlements from fatal truck accidents in Alabama

Plaintiffs in wrongful death claims can recover damages that the court orders to punish defendants for their negligence or willful misconduct. We have a detailed understanding of the awards Alabama courts give in these cases and use that knowledge to form the basis of a settlement demand. Many of these cases are resolved fairly quickly, especially when the fault clearly lies with the truck driver or the company that hired them.

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