Dothan Attorney for Inadequate Security Stands Up for Injured Victims

Law firm takes on Alabama property operators who fail to keep visitors safe

Alabama property owners and managers have a responsibility to maintain adequate security on their premises. If they fail to do so and someone is injured in an assault or other violent act, they can be held accountable. At Carey & Hamner, P.C., our Dothan personal injury attorneys take on cases where inadequate security measures resulted in someone getting hurt. We help people victims hold property operators financially liable for damages.  

Types of inadequate security cases

Inadequate security can open the floodgates for all types of harm to patrons and visitors, including:

  • Physical assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Mass shootings
  • Violent acts
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Vandalism and property damage

If you believe negligent security contributed to or was responsible for your injuries, a personal injury lawyer from our firm can review the facts of your case and advise you whether you may have a valid claim for compensation.   

Common inadequate security settings

Settings where physical and property crimes can commonly occur include:

  • Restaurants, bars, nightclubs and entertainment venues
  • Hotels, motels and hospitality establishments
  • Shopping centers
  • Parking lots, parking garages and public transportation facilities
  • Residential complexes, apartment buildings, and gated communities

No matter where your incident happened, if the property owner did not have adequate safety measures in place, we can help you hold them accountable for injuries so that you get the compensation you deserve.  

Liability of property owners and managers

Business and property owners and managers have a duty of care to keep their premises reasonably safe for customers and visitors. When they fail to put adequate security protections in place that could deter criminals and someone is hurt because of that failure, the injured party is entitled to pursue a liability claim alleging negligence. Examples of inadequate security protections include:

  • Malfunctioning or missing security cameras
  • Broken or missing locks, alarms, gates and fences
  • Poor lighting or no lighting at all
  • A lack of security guards or untrained guards
  • No bouncers at nightclubs or poorly trained ones
  • No security plans or procedures in place

We will investigate all the evidence in your case to determine what protections should have been in place based on the particular type of property, why the protections were missing and who is responsible for the security failure.  

Our Dothan personal injury attorneys collect evidence and prove damages

When we handle your claim we will work hard to prove the negligence of the property owner, property manager, security service or other party and pursue maximum compensation for your damages. Sometimes more than one party can be held liable. Our skilled attorneys will take steps that include:

  • Collecting and preserving the evidence
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Getting the testimony of expert witnesses

You can rely on our law firm to deliver knowledgeable, thorough and effective representation when we accept your case.

Negotiations, remedies and settlements for inadequate security injuries

Many personal injury cases related to inadequate security are settled outside of the courtroom through negotiations with the insurance companies of at-fault parties. We will seek a settlement with the insurer, but if they will not negotiate or they do not make an adequate offer, we will counsel you about taking your case to trial, where we will build the strongest case we can dependent upon the facts of your injuries. Damages in inadequate security claims may include payment for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Punitive damages in cases of gross negligence

If your family member died as a result of inadequate security, you may be entitled to punitive damages through a wrongful death lawsuit, where you can be compensated for, among other things, loss of companionship and loss of any future income the deceased may have earned.

Contact a Dothan inadequate security attorney for experienced legal help

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