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Alabama firm seeks relief after someone dies in a pool or body of water

If you tragically lost someone who died while swimming, boating or taking part in another type of water activity, the attorneys at Carey & Hamner, P.C. can help. We are Dothan drowning accident attorneys who file wrongful death claims against property owners and others whose irresponsibility led to a tragic fatality.

Common causes of drowning accidents

Fatal drowning accidents can occur in a pool, on the open water and even at an amusement park. In some cases, poolside areas are not well maintained, raising the possibility of a deadly slip and fall. People who drink or use drugs while at the helm of their watercraft could trigger a deadly boating accident. Pool depth should be well marked so that those who are unable to swim know the risks and whenever there is a chance that someone could go into the water, such as on a pleasure cruise, life jackets should be provided. Drawing on decades of experience, our Dothan wrongful death attorneys help you pursue damages after losing a loved one in a tragic drowning accident.

Who is most at risk of dying in a drowning accident?

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for younger boys and girls. The water does not have to be deep for a drowning to occur. Many toddlers die in bathtubs and baby pools. As youths get older, swimming pools and natural bodies of water can also pose more of a risk. No matter where or how a drowning accident occurred, we will examine the circumstances thoroughly to find out what led to the tragedy.

How should drowning accidents be prevented?

Though drowning remains a very serious threat, there has been a decline in fatal incidents over the past couple of decades. This shows that safety measures such as life jackets and fencing can be effective. Using qualified lifeguards and preventing youngsters from swimming unaccompanied also makes a difference. When someone drowns because these simple steps haven’t been taken, our firm seeks to hold the liable parties accountable.

Negligence and premises liability

If someone drowns in a private pool, who is responsible?

Homeowners are responsible for taking reasonable precautions so that guests are not injured on their property. After a drowning, there might be a dispute about whether someone with a pool met the legal standard.

What if a trespasser drowns on someone’s property?

Typically, Alabama residents do not owe a duty of care to trespassers, so a claim likely would not succeed if the victim snuck on to someone else’s property.

What if someone jumped a fence and drowned?

There are situations where a pool owner will be held liable under the “attractive nuisance” doctrine. This means that if there is something visible on a property that might lead children to enter uninvited, the property owner should take steps to prevent that from happening. A fence might be sufficient to defeat an attractive nuisance claim, but each case should be evaluated on its own facts.

Who is responsible when death occurs in a hotel swimming pool or public pool?

The owner of a pool is responsible for the safety of those who use it. This duty is heightened for those who allow large groups in to swim. In public pools, this means that a government authority can be sued if they did not take proper steps to stop visitors from drowning. Businesses and organizations such as country clubs are also potentially liable if someone dies or is seriously injured in their pool.

What are contributing causes in watercraft or boating accident drownings?

When someone drowns on a boat or another type of watercraft, contributing causes could include mechanical failure, reckless operation or alcohol impairment.

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