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3 Facts to Know About Personal Injuries & Commercial Truck Accidents

3 Facts to Know About Personal Injuries & Commercial Truck Accidents

June 26, 2017

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Given the massive size of semitrucks and big rigs on the road, it’s not surprising that commercial truck accidents can lead to serious personal injuries for all parties involved. When it comes to pursuing legal action against the driver responsible for the crash, there are some considerations to keep in mind that can help you better navigate the legal system. Below, three of these considerations are addressed in more detail.

Important Information About Personal Injuries & Commercial Truck Accidents

1. Truck Drivers Must Follow a Stringent Set of Regulations

Regulations both at the state and federal levels must be adhered to at all times by persons operating a commercial truck. In the majority of truck accidents, the driver was violating one (or more) of the many rules they are expected to follow. Your lawyer will determine the infractions committed by the driver in order to show that they, not you, are legally responsible for the truck accident and any subsequent injuries.

2. There May Be More Than One Defendant in a Truck Accident Case0169857001592480869.jpg

Semitrucks are huge and imposing vehicles with a vast array of components, electrical systems, and moving parts. In some truck accident cases, faulty equipment may be a major player in the crash. If, for instance, defective brake pads prevented the driver from stopping in time and hitting another vehicle, the plaintiff could hold both the driver and the brake pad manufacturer liable for damages.

3. A Plaintiff Might Not Be Able to Settle With Every Defendant

If your truck accident case does include multiple defendants, you may not be able to reach a settlement with every party involved. Part of your case might be settled with one defendant, and the part of your case against another defendant might have to go to trial. To use the faulty brake scenario from above, the injured plaintiff could conceivably reach a settlement with the brake pad manufacturer but still need to go to trial against the trucking company.

 Rest assured, your lawyer will be at your side throughout the legal process. The personal injury, car, and truck accident attorneys at Carey & Hamner, P.C. serve clients throughout the Dothan, Alabama, area. Call (855) 435-4797, visit their website, or connect with them on Facebook or Google+ to schedule a free consultation. You deserve to have all the resources necessary to recover from your injuries in the wake of a truck accident — trust an experienced lawyer to be your legal advocate

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