What happens after an out-of-state auto accident occurs

A summer road trip is an American tradition, but the adventure isn’t without risks. You could be involved in an accident hundreds of miles from home, suffering serious injuries and facing tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. While out-of-state accidents are always difficult and stressful, a skilled law firm can concentrate on your case while you focus on your recovery.

Collecting Compensation in Out-of-State Accidents

Reporting the Accident

law firmAuto insurance policies generally cover drivers across the country, not just your home state. For instance, if your auto insurance is from Florida but you were hit by a driver in Alabama, your insurance will still provide coverage. Whether you need to file a claim with your local agent or in the state where the accident occurs depends on the policies of your specific company, so be sure to check before heading out on a trip.

Filing an Injury Claim

If you’re hurt by a negligent driver, you don’t lose your right to compensation just because you’re in another state. However, if you do have to file a suit against the other driver or their insurer, you’ll have to do it in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred. To protect your interests, you’ll need to hire a local law firm to collect evidence, negotiate with the insurer on your behalf, and take legal action if necessary.

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