Top 5 Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle accidents are quite dangerous, resulting in approximately 88,000 injuries every year. Because motorcycles don’t offer any barrier of protection between you and road, bikers should take whatever safety measures they can to prevent accidents and serious injuries. Below are a few tips for making your next ride as safe as possible.

How to Protect Yourself & Avoid an Incident

1. Obey the Rules of the Road

Remember that motorcyclists are subject to all the same rules and traffic laws as any other vehicle, which are enacted to protect the safety of everyone on the road. Obey speed limits, come to a complete stop at red lights, and avoid making sudden lane changes.

2. Invest in Motorcycle Gear

Heavy leather protective clothing and boots with non-slip soles can go a long way toward preventing injury in an accident. For maximum safety, purchase gear with reflective surfaces so that other drivers can see you at night.

3. Wear a Helmet

While some states don’t require every rider to wear a motorcycle helmet, you should never get on a bike without one. If you’re involved in an accident, your helmet will protect you from experiencing serious head trauma.

4. Maintain Awareness

It’s safest to operate under the assumption that other drivers can’t see you. Always signal when changing lanes, remember to turn your headlights on, and be ready to avoid vehicles pulling into traffic.

5. Check Your Motorcycle

Keeping your motorcycle in peak operating condition can help you avoid potentially disastrous motorcycle accidents. Check your tires regularly and be on the lookout for fuel or oil leaks. Your coolant and other fluids should be inspected on a weekly basis. If you notice any problems, have a mechanic look at it as soon as possible.

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