Monthly Archives: January 2019

3 Common Reasons for Denial of Benefits

Social Security disability benefits provide a vital safety net for American workers who have experienced a debilitating injury or chronic illness that leaves them unable to support themselves. However, qualifying for these benefits is a long, frustrating process, and the vast majority of applications are initially denied. Here are just some of the more common reasons […]

Why You Should Gather Eyewitness Testimony at the Scene of an Auto Accident

If you get hurt in an auto accident, you may be able to sue the other motorist for all resulting damages. To file a successful claim, though, you must first prove liability. The strongest evidence of fault will depend on the circumstances of the wreck but will likely include eyewitness testimony. Here’s why gathering such statements at […]

An Overview of Workers Compensation in Alabama

Understanding what workers’ compensation benefits cover can help injured workers in Alabama pursue the opportunities available for filing a claim. There are two key benefits that it provides to employees after a workplace injury—medical treatment and partial wage payments if you are unable to return to work. After taking the initial steps toward filing a […]

What People Get Wrong After an Accident

The chaos immediately after a car accident can have some legal implications if the incident later goes to court. Here are a few of the ways you can hurt your personal injury case after an accident. 1. Not Getting Medical Attention If you’re injured in an accident—even slightly—you should immediately get medical attention for both […]


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