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Motorcycle Safety tips

Motorcycle Safety tips

As thrilling as motorcycles are, they’re also dangerous; riders are exposed to the road and difficult for cars to see. In 2017, nearly 90,000 Americans were injured in motorcycle accidents. These tips will help you to be a safe and happy rider for years to come. Tips For Improving Motorcycle Safety1. Wear Protective Gear It’s estimated that in 2017 helmets saved the lives of 1,872 Americans. Helmets protect your brain in the event of a motorcycle accident, and in states like Alabama riders are legally required to wear them. However, safety doesn’t end with a helmet. You should also protect your arms legs and torso from injury by wearing thick materials like leather or denim. Wear shoes with nonskid soles and gloves that enhance your grip on the handles. Wear bright, reflective clothing to ensure other drivers see you no matter the time of day or weather conditions.


2. Check Your Motorcycle Before & After Mounting It

Before mounting, check the tires for cracks, bulges, and/or low tire pressure. Check the underside of the motorcycle for signs of a gas or oil leak. Check to make sure high and low beams are functioning properly and that you have plenty of hydraulic and coolant fluids.

After you’ve mounted, adjust the mirrors and clean away anything that’s blurring their surfaces. Test the horn and front and rear brakes; test the clutch and throttle.

Once these essential components have been tested, you’ll feel confident hitting the road. Even so, while you’re riding, look out for escape routes (through the traffic and into the margins or off the road) in case of an emergency.

3. Drive Defensively 

Motorcycles are easy to maneuver along the road, but they’re also easy for other drivers to miss. To ensure you and your passengers’ safety, you’ll want to assume other drivers can't see you. Imagine the road is divided into 3 sections; occupying the area closest to the line in the road will make you most visible, and keep you away from drivers’ blind spots.

Although you might be tempted to speed past cumbersome vehicles, slowing down will also ensure you’re visible and that other vehicles have time to react to your approach. Further, always use your signals before switching lines, and give drivers ample time to see them.


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